Feb. 19th, 2008

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I was so far behind on doing laundry, that I finally gave up and dropped it off at the laundromat for them to do. I'm regarding it as a special treat for myself. Plus, I can't fold fitted sheets to save my life, and there are three sets of sheets in there. So, yay.

Not having to do that enabled me to finally have time for the hand washing, which consists of items not really necessary for daily life, but nice to have (read: lingerie). Double yay (from me and Rich).

This has been brought to you by the Committee for Household Minutiae. We will now return to your regular programming.
timepiece: Page of Pentacles from Tarot of the Cat Poeple Deck (Default)
Our living room is much improved after this weekend, due to a new entertainment center:

entertainment center

Just about perfect for our purposes: air circulation for the items with hard drives (TiVo, PS3), solid back so we don't see the wires, wood. Actually came already assembled, and boy is this thing sturdy.

Now we just need a new TV. I've managed to hold off Rich's techno-lust until summer. By then we think the April vacation will be paid off. I should probably aim for the Memorial Day sales, huh? I don't think Rich can wait until 4th of July.

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