Mar. 18th, 2008

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I love Amazon. I do. I've probably been shopping there for more than 10 years by now. But there is so much junk on their pages now, they take forever to load. It's irritating.

So yesterday I got particularly impatient, and started searching to see if they had a text-only site for accessibility (no they don't. Boo). And I found:

Amazon Wireless

OK, so it's designed for cell phones, but it's lightning-fast. Perfect. No one said you have to be using a cell phone to use a site designed for mobile access. In fact, I use a bunch of them, made into gadgets on my iGoogle page (this one puts me at 4 - Google calendar, LiveJournal, Facebook, and Amazon).

So, I hope this makes the day of someone who'd getting a little tired of Amazon's speed.
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Got an email today from the cruise line we booked for vacation, offering an upgrade to a penthouse cabin for a decent price ($150/ea). Hell, yeah!

So now our view is straight ahead of the ship, and we have a DVD player in the room. Yes, we will be catching up on our movies on a cruise ship. This is our idea of a great vacation.

Cannot. Wait. Until. April.

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