Apr. 18th, 2008

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I got back from vacation on Saturday! yeah, I know, I was so very visible with the posting and commenting. Uh ... I was catching up on other stuff? (still am)

We had a great time just lazing around on the boat. Caught up on a few movies (not as many as I had originally thought), read a few books (ditto). I don't know where the time went.

Saw Mom and George when we docked in Florida, which was nice, since I don't think we've seen her for at least a year. We went to see Kennedy Space Center, which was pretty interesting. Great IMAX film (which actually required the funny glasses. I felt like a dork, but everyone else was wearing them too).

I am still pretty pale, but a nice rosy pale now. Except my calves, which are lobster red. I wanted them to look less fish-belly with skirts this summer, and went overboard.

And guess who was on my cruise? What Not to Wear! They evidently did a makeover where they all went on vacation with the victim, and did the shopping at the ports in the Bahamas, and did the reveal on the ship. No, I did not go (getting tickets involved getting up way too early for a vacation day). But if you see a What Not to Wear episode on a cruise, that's my ship.

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