Apr. 19th, 2008

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Oh, this is my favorite time of year! I am just so happy to see the flowers coming up (forsythia! hyacinth! crocus! daffodils!), and to go out without a jacket on.

And the trees are in that stage I call "the veil", when the leaves have come out just enough to make the tree seem green, but you can still see the shapes of all the branches. Beautiful. And all the flowering trees! Glorious.

Just going outdoors is putting me in a good mood, every single time. I love spring. This is why I will never move to an area that doesn't have a winter - not worth it to not have a spring either.
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(yes, it is very slow at work today)

I just came across an old, obscure word that I think is due for a slight update and renaissance: bloviate - "to speak at length in empty, pompous rhetoric".

I propose a modern twist: blogviate. Who doesn't think there's a crying need for this variation?

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