Jul. 26th, 2008

css woes

Jul. 26th, 2008 10:40 pm
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Hey, anyone else on LJ use the custom CSS option? Anyone else notice that they renamed almost every class and ID on the freakin' page a few days ago? I couldn't figure out why my style sheet was suddenly not working at all, until I opened up the source and really looked at it. So I spent a pretty large part of today figuring out how to make it look like it used to (actually, a little better, hopefully). And it wasn't as easy as renaming all the classes and IDs in the sheet - they reorganized some stuff, so it wasn't nested under the same things and ended up in a totally different part of the page.

Although, I'm actually pretty happy - now I evidently get to have an actual tag cloud instead of a simple list. Maybe I'll actually start tagging. Retro-tagging should keep me busy at work for a few days (it's really slow right now). And, all that tweaking definitely taught me a bit more CSS. I know a lot more about relative and absolute positioning, which I have avoided until now, preferring to let things flow.

Still, I find it amazing that I haven't seen more people remarking on the changes. I guess almost no one does their own CSS instead of just picking a theme. I wanted mine to match my web site, and it mostly does (apart from the sidebar having to have a solid background instead of sharing the gradient - saaaaayyyy, I should test out that possibility with the new changes).

ETA: Hah, what do you know, I can make the sidebar with the gradient! Actually, I think I could have before and just didn't realize it.

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