Jun. 30th, 2009 10:25 am
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I am stuck in one of those places where there is no good solution.

In our house, I am the slob. That does not mean I am a slob, but my threshold for dirt/messiness is somewhat higher than Rich's. Very seldom does the house make it to the point where I feel like cleaning. And frankly, I dislike cleaning. I don't mind putting things away as much (books on the bookshelf, clothes in the closet, cat toys away, etc.), because  everything looks so much neater when you're done, but the actual cleaning, which makes less of a visible difference, I hate. And I hate it twice as much when someone makes me do it when I don't think it's necessary. Rich will occasionally announce that we need to spend the next hour or so cleaning, which I never want to do. He likes to get everything done in one big push; I have more of a "5 minutes here, 10 minutes there" approach. Interspersed with rewards for myself, if I'm doing it all in one day.

Furthermore, I was raised by a woman whose philosophy was, "there are some things it's worth paying someone else to do, and cleaning is one of them." Hell, yeah.

Right now, he's stressed out about the upcoming fireman's test, and the house does get on his nerves when it's messy, so he asked me to help him stay on top of it for the next month. Which I totally understand.

So, now that my raise finally came through, I'm more than willing to get someone to come in and do the cleaning stuff every week or two weeks. Except, Rich hates the idea of a stranger coming in and cleaning. I think it sounds like the best thing ever. I wouldn't even mind being there while the person is cleaning, since he can get remarkably paranoid, though I wouldn't mind handing over a key to someone who came vouched for. But the main point is, he wants me (and himself) to do it, and I'd really prefer someone else to do it. Because I hate it, and frankly, when you force me to do something I hate, I do a freakin' half-assed job anyway. So if I pay someone, not only will I be happier, but it will get done better. But bringing someone in will just stress him out more, which is the last thing I want to do right now.

Sigh. I hate cleaning. This sucks.
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I had to go to the DMV yesterday, since my license is expiring in 3 weeks - and I only had to be in there for 45 minutes! I thinks that counts as a win. And a new picture, too - though I didn't get to actually see said picture yet, so I don't know if that's a pro or a con.

I like the way they do it at White Plains - the DMV is a lot more tolerable if you can sit while you wait for your turn. It would seem twice as long if you were actually standing in line.
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I was so far behind on doing laundry, that I finally gave up and dropped it off at the laundromat for them to do. I'm regarding it as a special treat for myself. Plus, I can't fold fitted sheets to save my life, and there are three sets of sheets in there. So, yay.

Not having to do that enabled me to finally have time for the hand washing, which consists of items not really necessary for daily life, but nice to have (read: lingerie). Double yay (from me and Rich).

This has been brought to you by the Committee for Household Minutiae. We will now return to your regular programming.


Oct. 10th, 2007 11:02 am
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Even though I don't work until 12 today, I woke up before 9 and was going to do laundry. I carried over the basket (before 9!) to discover they're painting the laundry room floor today. Feh.
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Well, yesterday we finally got off our butts and did our spring cleaning. I have to admit, it did give me a nice sense of accomplishment for the day. Rich was really in the mood - he was even rearranging the kitchen cabinets and stuff.

I, on the other hand, was concentrating on getting the winter stuff out of my closet and the summer stuff in. I also managed to clean up the second bedroom enough so that someone could actually sleep in there with no notice (the bed was covered with miscellaneous stuff). At some point we need to get some kind of storage in there - the closet is slowly being taken over.


Mar. 29th, 2007 03:51 pm
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It is finally spring! Glorious, glorious spring! My favorite time of year!

It's light when I leave work, and I don't have to wear a coat anymore, and almost all of the snow has melted ... I am so excited.

And my winter blues finally seem to have lifted, as of yesterday. I got home and had so much energy! I switched the duvet to the light one we use in the summer, did some cleaning, bounced around the apartment amusing Rich hugely ...

Let's hope this isn't just a temporary energy burst. I could use higher energy levels for a while. I've been so draggy for months.


Jan. 27th, 2007 01:15 pm
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You know, it seems like an entire day off would leave you plenty of time to relax, and yet still get a lot accomplished.

Yet, inevitably, at the end of my day off, I have done absolutely nothing useful.

In my defense, yesterday was bitter cold, and there was no way I was humping laundry to the laundry room. That does not excuse the lack of cleaning, exercising, call-making, etc.
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I feel like I got a lot done today, which was my day off. Unfortunately, I don't feel particularly relaxed. Oh, well.

Anyway, now that the bar cabinet is finally fixed, I was able to put all the crystal in it. I can finally use my crystal, for the first time since the wedding!

That cleared out a lot of room in the storage closet, which I then refilled with all the boxes sitting in the guest room. And I reorganized the closet in there, so it's back to looking like a guest room and not a storage room.

 And I got myself off a lot of catalog mailing lists, and went grocery shipping, and mailed off a bunch of books for my new favorite site, And did some cleaning and ironing.

 As I said, a productive day. Just felt like sharing.

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