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Yesterday, as I drove home through heavy rain, my mp3 player gave me "When the Levee Breaks" followed by "Bad Moon Rising." How does it know?
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So. Several things.

My mp3 player came. Very, very nice. Fun to play with. Missing a couple of features from the Karma, but also adding a few it didn't have.

Rich is back from his long weekend in Iceland, very happy to have met all his game buddies in person. Evidently the in-jokes will last for months.

I finally decided to take in the humongous container of change that's been sitting around for years. Anyone want to hazard a guess how much was in there? $282. I couldn't believe it. So, essentially got my new toy for free, if you want to look at it that way.

Lastly, Rich got back the results from the firefighter's exam, which he was convinced he had blown (such a pessimist - I knew he'd done fine). He scored 95% - I don't know if that's a raw score or a percentile. And he's 12th on the list of people to hire, so very good chance he'll get an offer soon. Hopefully.

Pretty good week, huh?

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Oct. 25th, 2007 03:30 pm
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I am sad to report that my beloved Karma is dying. It is rejecting more and more Mp3s as being bad tracks, even though they play fine on my computer. The batteries don't seem to hold a charge as long. And, well, it's pretty beat up at this point, having been dropped several times (not to mention the sanctioned solution for the stuck hard drive issue, which is "give it a good whack").

What I really wanted as a replacement was the Trekstor Vibez, but their announced 15 Gb version seems to be vaporware. Trekstor bought the software used on the Karma, so it's almost just a new version of the Karma.

So I settled on a Creative Zen Vision M. They seem to run at least $120 plus shipping on eBay, but I can get a refurbished one stright from Creative for $150 and free shipping, so that seemed worth the extra $20 or so.

Here's hoping I like it as much as my Karma.

But if the 15Gb Vibez comes out, I am so buying one anyway.


Jul. 30th, 2007 05:45 pm
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My birthday is starting early this year - my first present has already arrived, from my father. He got it from an online auction, which explains why it is so early.

He got me a home theater system. I'm stunned. I can only imagine that he got an amazing deal on it (my father brings new meaning to the stereotype of the tight-fisted Scot - and if he read that statement, he would agree with great pride). It certainly looks like a fairly nice system, and what we've set up so far sound great (no rear speakers yet).

Rich is very excited about it, and spent the majority of his day off getting it set up and playing with it. Although he says if he turns into an audio geek and starts spending money on more equipment, he's totally blaming Dad.

The first movie we stuck in was the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It happens to have thunder in some of the opening scenes. The sound was realistic enough that the cats started looking around, and went to hide under the bed, as they do during actual thunderstorms. Much amusement for the humans.

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