Jul. 30th, 2007 05:45 pm
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My birthday is starting early this year - my first present has already arrived, from my father. He got it from an online auction, which explains why it is so early.

He got me a home theater system. I'm stunned. I can only imagine that he got an amazing deal on it (my father brings new meaning to the stereotype of the tight-fisted Scot - and if he read that statement, he would agree with great pride). It certainly looks like a fairly nice system, and what we've set up so far sound great (no rear speakers yet).

Rich is very excited about it, and spent the majority of his day off getting it set up and playing with it. Although he says if he turns into an audio geek and starts spending money on more equipment, he's totally blaming Dad.

The first movie we stuck in was the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It happens to have thunder in some of the opening scenes. The sound was realistic enough that the cats started looking around, and went to hide under the bed, as they do during actual thunderstorms. Much amusement for the humans.
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Well, I didn't go all out for my Mom on Mother's Day, but I did send her an assortment of forced spring bulbs, which she evidently really appreciated, as they don't really get spring flowers in Florida (hard to do spring if you don't do winter first).

So, she has daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips, and is very, very happy with them. I heard the phrase "so thoughtful" at least twice.

It's so nice when you know you got a gift right.
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Most of my shopping is done, but I have 3 remaining. In an emergency, I can get my brothers gift cards, but I prefer actual presents. So, what can I get for:

1) a recent college grad working in the DC area (younger brother)

2) a guy in his late 20s with a new baby (middle brother)

3) a very active woman close to 90 years old with an entire house filled with stuff (grandmother)

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So, I guess I should try to start writing in here again.

Christmas was pretty good. We spent the day with Rich's family, which was nice, and meant no driving at all (we actually live across the street from his mom's apt building. His grandparents live in the same building as her). It's kind of a novelty to be the youngest person at the Christmas celebration.

Presents were pretty good, nothing spectacular. Mom got me a nice mouse with lots of buttons on it, which I am now using with my left hand to give my poor right hand a break (since I'm getting closer to carpel tunnel syndrome all the time). And a coffee-table book of the most beautiful libraries in the world, which makes me drool.

Rich got me Buffy DVDs and chocolate, cause he's a good boyfriend. And my grandma got me the softest sweater, which fits divinely, though if she saw it, she'd probably think she should have gotten the next larger size.

I called my family on the day, but I couldn't really go see them, because I had to work both the day before and the day after. So did Rich. Sometimes I hate public service jobs.

My presents all seemed to go over well. Dad loves his nautical watch, my brothers love their shot-glass chess sets, and mom likes her blowtorch (mini one for creme brulee). And Francis is very enthusiatic about the Cowboy Junkies CD I got him, which just seems kind of funny for some reason.

I have Friday off, so I think that will be returns day. There's always something, isn't there? That's the nice thing about books - you can return them to any bookstore, not necessarily the one they came from. Standardization is wonderful.
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Usually, I am very good about remembering birthdays. But for some reason, this year I have managed to miss (or almost miss) virtually everyone's. I did manage to remember my father's, and my grandmother's, which is one week after Dad's. But I forgot most of my friends' until weeks afterwards, almost missed my boyfriend's, and had to be told by my stepdad that it was his birthday that day (he didn't particularly mind I forgot, he was just commenting). And the crowning touch, I just remembered about my Mom's birthday yesterday. Today is her birthday. Luckily, Amazon can do next-day shipping when you order early enough, but I really prefer to go out and think about what to get people, and this time I just got something from her wish list.

In general, I love to give presents, but I am so broke right now I haven't really been able to do it. I feel so bad, even though I know most everybody understands.

I wish I knew why I am blocking out birthdays this year. And I wish I had enough money to buy presents. Maybe I'm blocking because I know I can't get presents anyway.

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