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Oh, life is wonderful at the moment:

I just paid off my credit card (again)

And then bought more stuff, since a top I wanted was finally back in stock

I met an online friend for coffee, and we ended up hanging out for 4 hours, having a great time (hi [livejournal.com profile] amalthiakt!)

I'm getting an ARC of Horizon from the Strand, 3 months before the release date (and less than $10)

My brother's visiting his girlfriend at the CIA (cooking school, not spies), and I'll see him tomorrow

And it's only the second day of my week off! (I restrained myself from !s after every line!)

The only downside is that I'm abut to have a grumpy husband, since Rich is out having a root canal right now (his vacation, not going so well)
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I had to go to the DMV yesterday, since my license is expiring in 3 weeks - and I only had to be in there for 45 minutes! I thinks that counts as a win. And a new picture, too - though I didn't get to actually see said picture yet, so I don't know if that's a pro or a con.

I like the way they do it at White Plains - the DMV is a lot more tolerable if you can sit while you wait for your turn. It would seem twice as long if you were actually standing in line.
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Oh, this is my favorite time of year! I am just so happy to see the flowers coming up (forsythia! hyacinth! crocus! daffodils!), and to go out without a jacket on.

And the trees are in that stage I call "the veil", when the leaves have come out just enough to make the tree seem green, but you can still see the shapes of all the branches. Beautiful. And all the flowering trees! Glorious.

Just going outdoors is putting me in a good mood, every single time. I love spring. This is why I will never move to an area that doesn't have a winter - not worth it to not have a spring either.


Feb. 12th, 2008 02:19 pm
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It snowing! Not that we're supposed to get much, but it's pretty to watch.

And for once, I'm reasonably prepared - I gassed up the car this morning, I remembered to bring in my new winter boots (read: no heel, insulated and rubber-soled), and I put brand-new windshield wipers on the car this morning. Let's hope the wipers are decent, because somehow my wipers always suck, no matter how often I replace them. I even managed to not park on the hill today.

And now, I'm just going to stare out the window at the pretty snow, and try to ignore everyone who's griping about it.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 02:32 pm
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Such a sweet husband - all the snow is off my car, and I didn't even ask.
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Well, I didn't go all out for my Mom on Mother's Day, but I did send her an assortment of forced spring bulbs, which she evidently really appreciated, as they don't really get spring flowers in Florida (hard to do spring if you don't do winter first).

So, she has daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips, and is very, very happy with them. I heard the phrase "so thoughtful" at least twice.

It's so nice when you know you got a gift right.


Mar. 29th, 2007 03:51 pm
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It is finally spring! Glorious, glorious spring! My favorite time of year!

It's light when I leave work, and I don't have to wear a coat anymore, and almost all of the snow has melted ... I am so excited.

And my winter blues finally seem to have lifted, as of yesterday. I got home and had so much energy! I switched the duvet to the light one we use in the summer, did some cleaning, bounced around the apartment amusing Rich hugely ...

Let's hope this isn't just a temporary energy burst. I could use higher energy levels for a while. I've been so draggy for months.


Jan. 18th, 2007 03:46 pm
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It's snowing here in the Bronx! So pretty!

Of course, I'm madly hoping it doesn't stick, because I don't want to drive home amongst lunatics, and that if it does, there isn't much, because I don't want to dig my car out tomorrow. And Rich is probably cursing up in Valhalla.

But for now, Snow! Pretty!
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Today I officially started with traditional New Year's activities - namely, exercise. But at least I have not wasted my money on a membership I won't use or anything - no, I went looking for machines on eBay, and was lucky enough to find an elliptical machine for sale near me, that no one else bid on. Total cost, $1, plus gas. Not bad!

I don't make resolutions anymore, since they seemed destined to fail, but I've been trying to make myself exercise for months. And usually machines on eBay go for a lot more.

I had a lovely start to the new year, how about everyone else? We managed to turn on the TV at 20 'til, but managed to mostly miss the big countdown. Still, we were awake and together, so that's a pretty good start.


Dec. 17th, 2006 10:44 am
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I have a tree! Ok, we have a tree. For the first time in at least  three years, we put up a Christmas tree,  and I am just so happy to see all my ornaments again.

We had Rich's mom over last night and she and I set up the newly purchased fake tree, and hung all the ornaments. Rich pointed out bare spots from across the room. And hung the stuff at the very top.

I forgot how nice it is to come into a room and see a Christmas tree. Now I just need a good picture.

new shoes!

Dec. 6th, 2006 03:08 pm
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Boy, nothing can pick up your mood like new shoes. Check 'em out:Pretty shoes )

I know you're not supposed to buy yourself anything right before Christmas, but it's not like anyone would be buying me shoes.

1 year

Apr. 11th, 2006 11:16 am
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We had a lovely first anniversary. Lots of good wishes from family members. Though I suspect my father had forgotten the date, since he did not mention it in his message on Sunday.

Being the unromantic geeks that we are, we went down into Manhattan and had a picnic lunch with sandwiches from our favorite deli, and then we went to the show at the Hayden planetarium, which I have never been to and Rich has not been to since it was redone. He has wanted to take me there since we started dating (approximately the time it closed for renovation, I believe). Fun show. Good use of subwoofers for vibrating effects when things whoosed by.

Actually, I think a picnic lunch and looking at the stars sounds very romantic (spun in those words as opposed to "planetarium show").

Then we came home, got dressed up, and went back to the Kittle House (site of the wedding) for a fancy dinner (partially paid for by gift certificate [thanks Mom!]). Mmmmmmm. We came home so full we didn't even have the top layer of the wedding cake which I had taken out to defrost. I guess we'll try that tonight. I might take some of it into work so everyone there can try the cake.


Feb. 12th, 2006 03:27 pm
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Snow day!

Of course, I didn't have to go to work anyway, but Rich stayed home with me.

My view: )
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It's payday, and my six-month raise went through! I am finally making more than I did at my last job. W00t!

work news!

Jul. 15th, 2005 11:25 pm
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My promotion has officially gone through! I am a full Librarian, and I got a $4K raise.

Now if they'll just move me to my new branch ASAP.


Apr. 24th, 2005 09:02 pm
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So, I guess everybody reading this already knows that on April 10th, Rich and I were married. And everything was beautiful! I won't say perfect, because a few minor details were not exactly as I had pictured them, but they were still great and I think everyone concerned had a wonderful time.

As soon as I have some digital images, I will post them.

Oh, and I guess I am now Deborah Fleming Morrissey. Let the paperwork odyssey begin!

Snow day!

Jan. 22nd, 2005 01:13 pm
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W00t! Just learned that the library will be closing at 2:00 pm today, due to snow. Considering I get to go home early and STILL GET PAID, this is awesome news. Since I was planning to go home early, loss of pay or not.

And there must be a new person making this decision, because last year the earliest they ever sent us home was 4:00 pm, after much staff bitching. Someone has learned the value of keeping up staff morale vs. saving money on paid leave.
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So, the planner says I'm on track for most of the wedding stuff that should be done by now. Except for the stuff I put Rich in charge of (natch).

So we have a dress, a location/caterer, a photographer, a videographer (yes, I changed my mind), bridesmaid dresses, a florist, a DJ, invitations, favors, and 2 (!) officiants. The only things we're lacking is the bagpiper and the kilts (and yes, I am nagging Rich about that - and no, I'm not going to do it myself, I did everything else, he can manage this. In his defense, he has made some calls, just not booked. And he did do the DJ on his own).

I feel mostly relieved that I've gotten the major stuff done. I'll probably end up just a little over budget, mostly because of stuff I didn't even budget for (video). But not by much. But, I did mostly stick to the budget. A miracle!

And, so far, I'm pretty much getting what I want. I am indeed going to end up with a small, elegant brunch, mostly traditional with just a few unusual touches. Just what Rich and I wanted. And at what seems like an outrageous price, but is actually half the average cost in this area evidently. Yay me!


Dec. 22nd, 2004 12:56 am
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done. I am done with my last paper, I am done with this semester. done. done...done...done-done-done. I have been sitting at my computer for 14 hours straight, and I am a little loopy. But DONE!

I'm going to rate this semester as not quite as hellish as doing my research project last spring, and not quite as annoying as reference sources, which involved driving to the school library every Sunday in order to do my homework. But it comes in a strong third.

But, this is the last semester in which I have 2 classes. Next semester, there is only one, and then I will be really done. I can't wait.

Why did I decide I needed a master's degree again? I distinctly remember saying a bachelor's was good enough when I finished school the last time.

And now, I really, really want a massage. And Rich says I deserve one, go get it by all means. He would do it, but not for a full hour like a professional will.

And now that I have free time, i think I can safely say that my holiday cards are not getting sent out this year.

good day

Sep. 20th, 2004 09:07 pm
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Well, this has been a pretty good day. First, some woman came up to me at work just to say I was amazingly patient with difficult people, and she couldn't do it.

I then I come home, and Rich has brought me flowers for no reason.

I can only feel good about the rest of the week, work seminar and two classes notwithstanding.

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