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Our living room is much improved after this weekend, due to a new entertainment center:

entertainment center

Just about perfect for our purposes: air circulation for the items with hard drives (TiVo, PS3), solid back so we don't see the wires, wood. Actually came already assembled, and boy is this thing sturdy.

Now we just need a new TV. I've managed to hold off Rich's techno-lust until summer. By then we think the April vacation will be paid off. I should probably aim for the Memorial Day sales, huh? I don't think Rich can wait until 4th of July.
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Sunday we were rudely awakened by a car alarm. That's not even the bad part.

Then, someone rang our doorbell (not 5 minutes after the car alarm) and told us someone had reported smoke in the boiler room. Our apartment shares a wall with the boiler room. There were already at least two fire trucks on site at this point (before they thought to knock on our door!).

So, we got dressed (unusual for a Sunday) and I got out the cat carriers and tried to mentally inventory which items I might try to carry out with me if our place was on fire. Fun.

However, we never did have to evacuate. There were of course issues with the boiler and we spent a good part of the day without heat or hot water. Not really an issue, since our place runs pretty warm as it is (it is right next to the boiler room, after all).
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Well, yesterday we finally got off our butts and did our spring cleaning. I have to admit, it did give me a nice sense of accomplishment for the day. Rich was really in the mood - he was even rearranging the kitchen cabinets and stuff.

I, on the other hand, was concentrating on getting the winter stuff out of my closet and the summer stuff in. I also managed to clean up the second bedroom enough so that someone could actually sleep in there with no notice (the bed was covered with miscellaneous stuff). At some point we need to get some kind of storage in there - the closet is slowly being taken over.
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I don't think I mentioned before, but Mom visited this weekend to see the new place. She very pleased to see us in an actual decent apartment (not to mention being able to sleep in an actual guest room, inflatable mattress on the floor notwithstanding).

So her flight today was at 10:30. She wanted to be dropped off around 9, just to make sure there was plenty of time for security lines and so forth. And because we were unsure about traffic, we left the house at 8.

With the end result that I arrived at work 45 minutes early. Forty-five minutes! What a waste. But it's not quite enough time to be worth going home, so ....

Mom was also tickled by my (relatively) new curly hair. I myself am still trying to figure out how my hair can just turn curly in my late twenties. Weird. I'm sure it's hormone levels, but I didn't know they could do that. I guess I really did get some of dad's hair genes.

We had a lovely visit. We took her and Rich's mom out for a joint birthday dinner (their birthdays are two weeks from now and two weeks ago, respectively), and just kind of hung out all of Saturday, shopping and talking. We came home and she and Linda chatted while I put all my books away.

Books - I seperated them by genre this time (after shelving the paperbacks in the bookcase with the shorter shelves). I have an entire bookcase of just speculative fiction (let's summarize that as spaceships, wizards, and vampires) (I have so many cross-genre books I didn't want to break it down into SF, Fantasy, and horror), and three shelves of mysteries. And once I seperated the genre fiction out, I only had a single shelf of non-genre fiction, which I am just finding funny - I really do like the escapism, huh?

And there are still a couple of stacks of "themed" books that will become part of the decor, with these shelves. I'll post pictures - I think everyone who knows me will be amused. And we got this table for the oversize coffee table books. Nice, huh?

OK, enough about my books. Dear to my heart as the subject is. Next (and last) thing for the apartment is hanging the pictures - that'll be fun with concrete walls, huh?
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I am moved. I have trucked everything I own up two flights of stairs. My calves ache, my back aches, my arms ache. There are boxes of stuff randomly distributed all over my apartment, and I no longer have any chairs in my living room, only a couch.

Thankfully for my sanity, we locked the cats in the bedroom for most of yesterday, with the unintended (but highly appreciated) result that nothing got dumped on the bed to be cleaned up before I could collapse. Must keep that in mind for the next move.

As for the differences between the apartments, you can judge for yourself whether these are pros or cons:
living room half the size
2 closets instead of 4
more windows - normal sized ones, and at a normal height
the bedroom gets very very bright in the mornings - direct sun on the bed at some points (the cats say that's a pro!)
tub instead of stall shower
no dishwasher
smaller kitchen
"balcony" - read: fire escape

And for this, I get to pay the same rent, plus the cost of electric heat. Oh, boy.


Sep. 26th, 2005 02:04 pm
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So, if anyone in the NYC area has nothing to do Saturday, would you like to come help me move? Yes, move. Saturday. And I've known since all of last Thursday.

My landlord is selling my building. Evidently, the new owners applied for some kind of federal loan that is specifically for small rental properties. For small, read "4 apartmetns or less." There are 5 apartments in my building, and ours is the one that is supposed to be combined with another one. So basically the sale won't go through until we move out of this apartment.

Luckily, there is an empty apartment in the building. Unluckily, the living room is half the size and there are half as many closets as our place. But, we only have to move stuff up one flight of stairs, and
not really pack. We just have to throw out a ton of stuff.

Evidently graduating and getting married was not enough life stress for one year, I need to also have the joy of moving. I can't wait for 2006.

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