May. 7th, 2007 10:50 am
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Yes, two entries in one day! Because doing anything involving large amounts of text entry at home sucks, unless I want to dig out the keyboard for the tablet.

Anyway. Friday I went to the Metafilter meetup in NYC, and a good time was had by all. It turned into a pub crawl (at least three locations before I had to leave). Second location rocked, as they had hard cider on tap, and I could look like I was drinking beer like everyone else.

Unfortuntely, I went on a mostly empty stomach, drank just a little too much, and may have overshared a touch. Oh well. Hopefully no one thought I was a complete loss as a person.

I did find someone to share my fanfic obsession, and we had a great time comparing favorite themes.

So, definitely attending any future meetups I can, because that was fun. And, somehow, I ended up being treated to all my drinks, so next time I need to stand a round myself.
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You know, I could see the torrential rain (and the backup on the Cross-County Expressway) this morning, so I very carefully listened to the traffic report. There appeared to be problems on Long Island, and in Manhattan, and with the trains, but no problems were mentioned for Westchester.

So imagine my surprise to find that the Hutchinson Parkway was closed for flooding! Why was this not part of the 1010 WINS traffic report?! Is Westchester not part of the metro area?

If I had known that, I would have taken a different route from the beginning. But by the time I saw the traffic cones, it would have taken too much time to go back to that other route, and I just had to follow other cars and trust that they were headed where I wanted to go (since of course there were no detour signs).

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.
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You know you're a New Yorker when:

The news that there is a movie filming near where you're working today does NOT cause you to think "I might see Nicole Kidman!" but rather, "Dammit, parking's going to be a bitch!"
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OK, all you New York people on my list. I have a meeting in Manhattan tomorrow morning, and I asked for the rest of the day off. What do I want to do with the rest of my day? More precisely, where do I want to go shopping?

And, anyone want to have lunch (my one remaining relative who works in Manhattan isn't coming into the city tomorrow)?
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I just found out that not only do I have a meeting to go to next week (which I usually don't mind, since it means going into the city and getting lots of errands done, but this one is in STATEN ISLAND! I have to make all the way from Westchester to Saten Island by 9:30 a.m. I am not happy, not happy at all.


Sep. 19th, 2003 03:45 pm
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I indeed did not have to go to class last night. W00t!

And in further happy news, this morning I finally got my car back from the garage, with its brand new unscratched front bumper (yeah, I do a little bumping when I parallel park - that's what bumpers are for). So now I have a car I can play my Nomad in, I have my EZpass for the tolls back, and I can park in the garage at work again! (because of course I forgot to take both EZpass and parking permit out of the car when I left it).

The parking in the garage is no small matter. I work in Co-op City in the Bronx. Those of you in the NYC area have doubtless already heard about the parking crisis. For everyone else: Co-op City has 8 parking garages. They recently had to close 5 because they are so decrepit. This has created quite a parking crisis in the area, even with a couple of additional lots added and slanted parking spaces on some streets instead of parallel. I happen to own a parking permit for one of the 3 remaining garages, and boy it makes getting to work on time a lot easier.
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So I had a friend and her friend visit this weekend, and we did some of the touristy stuff in NYC. Unfortunately, it was mega-hazy all weekend, so we did not do the Statue of the Empire State Building. But the day I joined them (Friday, I had to work Saturday), we spent several hours at the natural history museum.

For some reason, it surprised us that the people in the human evolution section were quite obviously anatomically correct. I guess we're just too used to being "shielded" from the unpleasant fact that MEN HAVE PENISES! and WOMEN HAVE NIPPLES! (No one seems to feel the need to shield from the full breast, just the nipples). It's a sad world where people are shielded from knowing about their own bodies. I mean, in sex ed I remember being taught all the internal anatomy, but we never saw an external picture of anything - what kind of sex ed is that? Sorry, pet peeve.
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So, just to see, I sent off a résumé to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I saw an announcement of a cataloging position there. I doubt I'm quite what they're looking for, but I can hope, cause that would be the coolest place to work, even with the increased commuting time and expense.

If so, let's hope they don't have the "it's so prestigious to work here we don't need to PAY you" attitude, which I believe is fairly common with museums and non-profits. Because if I leave NYPL, I have to pay off all the tuition money they've given me (but without interest, so not a bad deal). Not to mention pay the rest of the tuition myself.

But still - working at the Met!
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So, I have finally been in my first car accident ever (well, that I remember - mom says there was one when i was an infant). Luckily, it didn't even qualify as a fender bender.

I was in one of those hellish merge situations that occur only in New York - cars coming in from the left, wanting to take the right lane, cars coming in from the right, wanting to take the left lane, with a whole 20 feet to effect this switch). I saw the guy in front of me start to move forward, so I started to inch and glanced back to check for a break in traffic. meanwhile, someone cut off the guy in front of me and he slammed on his brakes. And since I was still looking behind me, I bumped him.

So, we pull over and get out. He looks at his back bumper and says, "I don't see anything wrong here!" I look at my front bumper and say, "I don't see anything wrong here!" And we shook hands and got back into our cars. And really, it wasn't like my little Corolla could have done anything to his SUV anyway.

So, is that like the best "accident" possible or what? I'm almost happy to have it over with, since it's almost inevitable that everyone is in an accident sooner or later. I felt like I was on borrowed time.

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