poor baby

Mar. 10th, 2008 11:42 am
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Rich appears to have the flu. We have not yet hauled him somewhere to have this confirmed, but he's sniffly, sounds like he's couching up a lung, and has a fever, combined with the chills. Poor baby.

And to top it off, he's being stupid about it. Just as I was waking up this morning, he was crawling into bed, shivering. I asked why he'd slept on the couch (not particularly unusual), and he said he didn't want to keep me up with his coughing. Idiot. I think the one who's sick gets the preferential treatment, the fact that I'm working today and he wasn't regardless.

But I guess that's better than if he was one of those really whiny sick people. Still, if he keeps this up, he's going to make himself worse.

So, what should I feed him, keeping in mind he hates soup?


Dec. 2nd, 2007 02:32 pm
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Such a sweet husband - all the snow is off my car, and I didn't even ask.
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So. Several things.

My mp3 player came. Very, very nice. Fun to play with. Missing a couple of features from the Karma, but also adding a few it didn't have.

Rich is back from his long weekend in Iceland, very happy to have met all his game buddies in person. Evidently the in-jokes will last for months.

I finally decided to take in the humongous container of change that's been sitting around for years. Anyone want to hazard a guess how much was in there? $282. I couldn't believe it. So, essentially got my new toy for free, if you want to look at it that way.

Lastly, Rich got back the results from the firefighter's exam, which he was convinced he had blown (such a pessimist - I knew he'd done fine). He scored 95% - I don't know if that's a raw score or a percentile. And he's 12th on the list of people to hire, so very good chance he'll get an offer soon. Hopefully.

Pretty good week, huh?
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It snowed last night, although not enough to paralyze the area.

And I woke up to discover that my car had already been mostly brushed off. My first thought was "awww, how sweet, Rich did my car for me!"

Second thought was, "I wonder if he did that so I'd have less excuse to stay home." There wasn't enough snow to really get away with that anyway, but I had made a joke about it last night when it started snowing. Which got me a dirty look and "don't rub it in."
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You've got to be impressed by what Rich can accomplish when he's motivated. He is so happy to be moving, and determined to be in there as soon as possible that today, on his DAY OFF, he went over there before 8 (astounding) to:

wait for the locksmith
wait for the cable guy
wait for Verizon
help his friend Brian paint the kitchen and living room ceiling (Brian is being paid, therefore Rich is just helping)

Friday, his other day off, is dedicated to waiting for the carpet guy, and helping his friend Curtis install the bathroom vanity, faucet, and 2 ceiling fans.

Think he's ready to get out of the current place?

1 year

Apr. 11th, 2006 11:16 am
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We had a lovely first anniversary. Lots of good wishes from family members. Though I suspect my father had forgotten the date, since he did not mention it in his message on Sunday.

Being the unromantic geeks that we are, we went down into Manhattan and had a picnic lunch with sandwiches from our favorite deli, and then we went to the show at the Hayden planetarium, which I have never been to and Rich has not been to since it was redone. He has wanted to take me there since we started dating (approximately the time it closed for renovation, I believe). Fun show. Good use of subwoofers for vibrating effects when things whoosed by.

Actually, I think a picnic lunch and looking at the stars sounds very romantic (spun in those words as opposed to "planetarium show").

Then we came home, got dressed up, and went back to the Kittle House (site of the wedding) for a fancy dinner (partially paid for by gift certificate [thanks Mom!]). Mmmmmmm. We came home so full we didn't even have the top layer of the wedding cake which I had taken out to defrost. I guess we'll try that tonight. I might take some of it into work so everyone there can try the cake.
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Rich has officially quit his job, which I have been expecting for several months. Hopefully, once he can work on job hunting full time, he'll find one he likes fairly quickly.
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We just learned that Rich's grandmother passed away today.

He's tearing himself up because he just had two days off and didn't go visit. He was planning to go next week (in fact, we had *just* discussed that when the call came). We're all trying to get him to ease up, and it seems to be working somewhat. It's been years since I had to go through this myself, and I *did* get to see my grandmother before she passed away.

I don't know what to say.
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OK, we need more money. Really. So, I'm putting out a general call:

Does anyone in the NYC area know of a network admin position that Rich can apply for? He doesn't have a college degree, but he has plenty of experience. He'd do an excellent job, really. He was one of a two-man team for around 100 users, and the only reason he was let go was because their division was absorbed into the main company, which already had plenty of people.

He's underemployed right now, working retail, and we both really want to get him a computer job again. He was really happy there.
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Rich has asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes!

And now I want them to hurry up and resize my ring so I can start showing it off. It's actually my great-mother's - Rich got it from my mother. It's from 1914, very Art Nouveau (lots of filigree).
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So, Rich at last has a job. Not a job in his field, or even a "real" job, but something which will enable us to pay the rent and buy food without resorting to savings, which is definitely a step up.

So he's back in retail, and not real happy about it. But at least this place is giving him $12/hr - everywhere else was paying anywhere from $6.50-9/hr, which is not really livable.

The only challenge will be not spending the paycheck at work - it's a store called Chef Central, which is like a nicer version of the kitchen dept at BB&B. But he's going to try to resist. And they do evidently give away stuff to the staff reasonable often, which might quell the urges.

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