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Saying "I didn't want that job anyway" after you didn't get it is usually a case of sour grapes. But in the case of my recent experience, new information has come to light: that department is going to be moving its offices to Long Island City. A commute that involves going over the Whitestone Bridge and taking the Long Island Expressway during rush hour.

Boy! am I glad I didn't get it after all.

Granted, they aren't actually moving for quite a while, but still.
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So. Several things.

My mp3 player came. Very, very nice. Fun to play with. Missing a couple of features from the Karma, but also adding a few it didn't have.

Rich is back from his long weekend in Iceland, very happy to have met all his game buddies in person. Evidently the in-jokes will last for months.

I finally decided to take in the humongous container of change that's been sitting around for years. Anyone want to hazard a guess how much was in there? $282. I couldn't believe it. So, essentially got my new toy for free, if you want to look at it that way.

Lastly, Rich got back the results from the firefighter's exam, which he was convinced he had blown (such a pessimist - I knew he'd done fine). He scored 95% - I don't know if that's a raw score or a percentile. And he's 12th on the list of people to hire, so very good chance he'll get an offer soon. Hopefully.

Pretty good week, huh?
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I was doing really well at posting regularly for a while, and then there was a crackdown on surfing at work, and I felt it would not be a good idea to go to LJ. And at home, it's such trouble to dig out the keyboard to the tablet, and the handwriting recognition editing gets old quickly, so....

Anyway. The latest news is that there was an opening at work in the department I've wanted to work in for several years (Branch Libraries' Information Systems - internal QA, kinda), so I jumped right on it. I'm still waiting to hear, since the application period only officially ended on the 30th. I got my first interview about a week after applying, and my second a week or so after that, so it's very promising. And I heard that only three people got a second interview. Cross your fingers for me.

In other news, my poor car got its hood crumpled, again. This one was not my fault. In fact, I wasn't even there - it was parked, and the person left the scene without leaving info. Lucky for me, there were several witnesses, and one took down the plate number. Can I say how much I love this neighborhood? The most annoying part was it evidently happened not five minutes after I parked it. Guess I should have been late to work that day, huh? All fixed now, and I didn't even have to pay the deductible. I love my insurance company. Just hoping to get reimbursed for the rental now.

I think that hits the high points of September. I'll post again if I can think of anything else noteworthy.
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Rich has officially quit his job, which I have been expecting for several months. Hopefully, once he can work on job hunting full time, he'll find one he likes fairly quickly.
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I got a call today about a library job in Newport News, Virginia that I applied for. They want me to come down and interview. I'm going to have to ask my husband how he really feels about moving there.

Now, I generally suck at interviews, because it doesn't occur to me to practice. What kind of questions do I need to have answers ready for?
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OK, we need more money. Really. So, I'm putting out a general call:

Does anyone in the NYC area know of a network admin position that Rich can apply for? He doesn't have a college degree, but he has plenty of experience. He'd do an excellent job, really. He was one of a two-man team for around 100 users, and the only reason he was let go was because their division was absorbed into the main company, which already had plenty of people.

He's underemployed right now, working retail, and we both really want to get him a computer job again. He was really happy there.
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So, Rich at last has a job. Not a job in his field, or even a "real" job, but something which will enable us to pay the rent and buy food without resorting to savings, which is definitely a step up.

So he's back in retail, and not real happy about it. But at least this place is giving him $12/hr - everywhere else was paying anywhere from $6.50-9/hr, which is not really livable.

The only challenge will be not spending the paycheck at work - it's a store called Chef Central, which is like a nicer version of the kitchen dept at BB&B. But he's going to try to resist. And they do evidently give away stuff to the staff reasonable often, which might quell the urges.
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So, just to see, I sent off a résumé to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I saw an announcement of a cataloging position there. I doubt I'm quite what they're looking for, but I can hope, cause that would be the coolest place to work, even with the increased commuting time and expense.

If so, let's hope they don't have the "it's so prestigious to work here we don't need to PAY you" attitude, which I believe is fairly common with museums and non-profits. Because if I leave NYPL, I have to pay off all the tuition money they've given me (but without interest, so not a bad deal). Not to mention pay the rest of the tuition myself.

But still - working at the Met!

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