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Just had a woman in here to complain that her grandson was watching pornography at the library yesterday, and what were we going to do about it. I explained that we have a web filter, but it's only on the children's computers and does not catch 100% of inappropriate content, and that's all we can do.

She wanted an assurance that it wouldn't happen again. I re-explained about how filters aren't perfect, and told her a determined kid can always find something that the filter doesn't catch. I ended by saying that it's the parents responsibility to supervise their child, and if they don't want the kid using the computer when they're not here, they should take away the library card.

Her response? "I think it is the library's responsibility!" Uh, no. I am not the parent. It is not my call whether any specific item is or is not appropriate for your child. That is a PARENT's responsibility. You don't like what you kid's up to, then supervise them more. Don't tell the school or the library it's their job. It's not, and there are a lot of other parents who would take serious umbrage if they were to try.

Oh, and she also thought that the filter should be on ALL the computers - I explained that adults have the right to look at whatever they want, but she didn't much like that statement either.

ETA: Look, a comic on just this topic!

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I really need to update this more often.

So, attended the ALA conference two weeks ago. It had its moments, but I don't think I'm going to something that big again for quite a while. Definitely not alone - walking through the exhibits with someone else would have been much more entertaining. I missed a lot of the talks I was interested in because they were too early in the morning - I was coming in from a suburb, long commute time. Shame about some of them.

I did manage to meet up with a few people from online - [livejournal.com profile] libwitch and a whole group of MetaFilterites. Very fun.

Then I went down to Newport News and visited family and friends. Finally got to meet my nephew (who is already a year old).

And then had an exhausting drive back up to NY, but which did not involve any accidents or tickets, so: good trip.

Separate update on this weekend coming next.
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I just had to ask one patron to leave the library because he wasn't wearing a shirt, and also ask his buddy to put his shoes on.

I know it's summer, but I don't think I should have to verbalize these things.


Jun. 19th, 2007 03:41 pm
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So, I've already heard from a couple people, but: who else on my friends list is going to ALA? My schedule is filling up, but I could probably meet up with a few more people.
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So, so true:

Although today there were some moderately interesting questions.
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I have acquired my own library stalker. I'm not going to say he's obsessed with me, but talking to me certainly seems to be the highlight of his library visits. The others here tell me that when he comes on my days off, he leaves almost immediately once he realizes I'm not here.

He watches me, and tries to get me involved in conversations (which I don't want to do - I'm perfectly willing to answer questions, but not have personal conversations). It does not help that he has a very heavy foreign accent and is really difficult to understand. He tries to find out my work schedule (which I have refused to give him - I outright told him there was no reason he needs to know that). He tried to find out where I lived and who with (actually, I told him who with: "my husband." So he can't pretend he doesn't know that).

He's really beginning to creep me out.

And today, he tried to present me with a poem he wrote. For me. About me. Which I refused to take, on the grounds that it was not appropriate.

He doesn't take hints! How do I get him to go away? He's not threatening, he's just ... creepy. My co-workers say I should get Rich to come in and loom over him, but that seems a little much.
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A very succinct account of the stupid questions that I hear over, and over, and over again. The third one is particularly fun to explain to computer newbies.

And people wonder how working in a library can be stressful.
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I'm not saying that everyone who calls customer service/tech support is stupid (lord knows I've had to call a few times), but sometimes it really does feel like this when you're on the other side:

YouTube - Medieval helpdesk

And I say this as a 3-year veteran of dot-com customer service. Not to mention almost 6 years of public libraries, which are actually worse.
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Well. I just got my Google newsletter for librarians. And my name was in it. The content, not the header. That was a little ... startling.

Google knows who I am! OK, that might be stretching it. Still.

work first

Mar. 23rd, 2006 12:26 pm
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I just helped someone out with a reference question, and she tried to tip me! I said I couldn't take it (I shouldn't take it, right?).

Who tips a librarian?
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I got a call today about a library job in Newport News, Virginia that I applied for. They want me to come down and interview. I'm going to have to ask my husband how he really feels about moving there.

Now, I generally suck at interviews, because it doesn't occur to me to practice. What kind of questions do I need to have answers ready for?
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Hah. I unknowingly managed to get married on the first day of National Library Week. Rich is not going to believe that that was not planned.
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This is especially good for dealing with librarians, but can be applied to almost any situation:

If you are asking me a question, please do not interrupt me while I am trying to answer you. If you want to provide additional information, fine - wait until I'm FREAKING FINISHED WITH MY SENTENCE!

Some guy just kept interrupting me, and I already knew the answer to his question - I just couldn't manage to get it out! He kept telling me more stuff that I didn't need to know in order to answer the question, which, if he'd waited, he would have known.
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You know, I really love being accused of racism just because I am trying to enforce a rule on someone who happens to have a different skin tone than I do. I would have done the same thing to my own brother - it was the rule (incidentally, the rule was computers must be muted unless you have headphones plugged in - I don't feel it's unreasonable).

Now ageism - I might have agreed that I was discriminating against teenagers, because yes, they do tend to cause more problems than the adults. But not racism. I treat them all the same. Just because there did not happen to be any white teenagers there to prove that point is not my fault.
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So, for once, I am trying to start on my school stuff earlier than needed, to avoid the last-minute crunch. Somehow, the fact that one of my prefessors has VERY elastic due dates seems to make it worse (if there's no real due date, how do you know when to start panicking?).

Anyway, I asked him Tuesday if he had any ideas for my final paper/project in the advanced cataloging class. He evidently won't just give you one, but will help adjust an idea you already have. I said I had no clue whatsoever, and he said, "Well, what irritates you the most [about cataloging]?" And out of nowhere, I said the Western European/Judeo-Christian bias of the Dewey Decimal system.

So, for my final project, I get to reallocate the Dewey 200s (religion), and defend my choices. I think I'll actually find this entertaining.

Meanwhile, my non-librarian friends are like, this is interesting? How?
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Is it so very hard to acknowlege that someone is human? If you want me to help you, could you, I don't know, say hello, and *ask* for help? Instead of plopping a piece of paper with a book title in front of me and expect me to intuit that you want to place a hold on it?

Even when a transaction is obvious (like putting a piece of merchandise in front of a store clerk), I try to acknowledge them as people, say something, and not treat them like an ATM. C'mon.

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