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I went on a little spree at Amazon, and I have now purchased presents for everyone on my list except my mother and father. Mom claims she doesn't want me to get her anything, but I can't do that - though I might break down and do a gift card, which I generally do not do. And I'll just get Dad a sweater or something.

I have next week off, and there are one or two things I want for myself, so I'll force myself out on Monday when most people still have work and the stores aren't too bad.

I'm determined to get myself at least one nice cosy sweaterdress while they're "in" - anyone know who has cute ones? With shape?


Jun. 9th, 2008 03:58 pm
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Random thoughts:

Did you know that Dove ice cream has a solid layer of chocolate on top of the pint? Mmmmmmm. My new favorite.

Observation: I don't care how hot it is - if you ride a motorcycle wearing a short-sleeved shirt, you deserve all the road rash you're bound to get.

My latest contribution to the environment (and my wallet): in an effort to improve my gas mileage, I am now keeping it under 60 (OK, at 60). I'm sure everyone who's ever been a passenger in my car is relieved.

I've become very good at adding things to my online to-do list. Now I need to learn to DO them. Details.

I love how I can dress for very hot weather and somehow end up covered from neck to ankles. But, thin stuff - linen tunic and white cotton pants. No layers, for once.

Why on earth is every white skirt in the stores 100% linen? They can't make it 5% synthetic so it doesn't wrinkle as much? Are they insane? And I need a white skirt for summer. I love wearing white in the summer, rules for looking skinnier be damned.


Jul. 27th, 2007 03:48 pm
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I love that even at the height of summer, I'm dressed in three layers - and yet, I think I still look relatively summery. I have to do the tank-shirt-jacket thing in case the branch I'm sent to has gone overboard on the AC. But white pants and khaki jacket make anything look summery.
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I just had to ask one patron to leave the library because he wasn't wearing a shirt, and also ask his buddy to put his shoes on.

I know it's summer, but I don't think I should have to verbalize these things.
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I would like to review one of the cardinal rules of polite society:

Never, ever ask a woman if she is pregnant, no matter how sure you are that you can see a bulge. EVER.

Someone asked me if I was pregnant this morning, and I am a little less happy with my new dress than I was before.

Who does that?

new shoes!

Dec. 6th, 2006 03:08 pm
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Boy, nothing can pick up your mood like new shoes. Check 'em out:Pretty shoes )

I know you're not supposed to buy yourself anything right before Christmas, but it's not like anyone would be buying me shoes.
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I'm wearing my vampire teeth to work today. Along with a lot of black, heavy eye makeup, dark red lips and no blush. I'm going for a subtle, modern vampire.

So far, everyone is pretty amused. I can't wait until the kids get here.
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Make them go away! I don't want to buy them, wear them, or see them on other people:

long shorts, or short pants, as office wear - new york times

What the heck is wrong with a skirt, if it's too hot for pants? I don't get it. Then again, I wore full-length jeans to Key West, because I don't. do. shorts. Or even capris. Pants or skirts. That's all we need, really.
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Since I had Veterans' Day off from work, I took vacation on Friday and made arrangements to go see my mom for a long weekend. It's the first time I'll see her since the engagement.

I wanted her to see my dress, but unfortunately it's been discontinued and wasn't in any stores.

So imagine how happy I was to come home Wednesday night and discover the dress had arrived! So I took it all the way to Florida with me just so mom could see it. Couldn't have been timed it better if I tried.
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So, I went down to DC this weekend to see Andrea and Maria, and we found bridesmaid dresses. And they actually agreed on one, so I guess everyone will be identical after all, to my surprise (I was going to let everyone choose their own style from the same line, in the same color).

So, they're sage green, tank style, with a draped neckline. Very simple and elegant. I think they'll be usuable afterward if hemmed to a shorter length.

And, Andrea and I were able to visit a place with the dress I want for myself, and she also likes it. So I guess I'll be ordering that tonight.


Nov. 1st, 2003 09:47 am
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I do love Halloween. I went all out this year, and it turned out pretty well, even if the last part of my costume never came (a mini-corset). And the hat just didn't work with the outfit.

Aaarrgh )


Aug. 18th, 2002 02:05 pm
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My new bathing suit finally arrived yesterday. Good thing, as I wanted it for family reunion this upcoming weekend. It is much more purpley than I thought - I thought it was more of a lavender, but it is definitely purple. Light purple. I like it. My last bikini was black.

And it fits like a charm. I figure the boobs will distract from and overshadow (literally, heh) the imperfect stomach. But it's still way better than I looked last year (by 20 lbs), so i'm pretty happy.

And I can show off my tattoo again. Doesn't show in a one-piece. I'm wondering how many younger cousins will notice for the first time.
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Don't we all just love the possibilities of the internet?

It seems someone is making $200 charges on my credit card over the internet. 3 in the past couple of days. So I had to talk to Citibank to have two of my own charges go through yesterday, since they had blocked it. And when i got home I had to cancel the card and they'll send me a new one. So I have no credit card for the next week or so (I only had one). Fun, fun, fun.

Interestingly, I even got an email from Amazon, indicating that someone had tried to open a new account using the same card number as mine, so they denied the account and wrote me. nice to know they check such things.

On the bright side, one of things I charged yesterday was a new summer wardrobe. OK, maybe not a whole wardrobe, but a few summer things to add to what i have. Two long skirts, white tank, 1 turquoise and 1 black linen/cotton camp shirts. Oh, and a summer purse. It took a while to find stuff I liked. All the cute patterns only came in capris, which I hate, and the skirts I could find were all short. I like long, so i don't have to shave as much. And the "summer colors" were all garishly bright - there was nothing toned down at all. I'm not really a screaming bright color person. And my boss insists on "professional" dress, which means no tanks (bare shoulders are a no-no). Not to mention most tanks are useless for me anyway, because they have thin little straps and you can't wear a bra with them. Frankly, not an option for me.

I think to round out the wardrobe, i need to swing by Land's End. Yes, it's kind of dowdy, but I know I can find a long khaki skirt there, and shirts that come in a size larger than 10, and tank tops that will cover my bra straps.

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