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Aug. 24th, 2005 10:44 am
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Yes, an actual picture of me this time! One of my favorites from the wedding.
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I have now become obsessed by putting together the wedding album. I'm going to make one of those coffee table books with (OK, technically, I already made one, but I'm improving it for round 2). So here's a thumbnail shot of the whole thing, any input?

Large screenshot )
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Hah. I unknowingly managed to get married on the first day of National Library Week. Rich is not going to believe that that was not planned.


Apr. 24th, 2005 09:02 pm
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So, I guess everybody reading this already knows that on April 10th, Rich and I were married. And everything was beautiful! I won't say perfect, because a few minor details were not exactly as I had pictured them, but they were still great and I think everyone concerned had a wonderful time.

As soon as I have some digital images, I will post them.

Oh, and I guess I am now Deborah Fleming Morrissey. Let the paperwork odyssey begin!
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So, the planner says I'm on track for most of the wedding stuff that should be done by now. Except for the stuff I put Rich in charge of (natch).

So we have a dress, a location/caterer, a photographer, a videographer (yes, I changed my mind), bridesmaid dresses, a florist, a DJ, invitations, favors, and 2 (!) officiants. The only things we're lacking is the bagpiper and the kilts (and yes, I am nagging Rich about that - and no, I'm not going to do it myself, I did everything else, he can manage this. In his defense, he has made some calls, just not booked. And he did do the DJ on his own).

I feel mostly relieved that I've gotten the major stuff done. I'll probably end up just a little over budget, mostly because of stuff I didn't even budget for (video). But not by much. But, I did mostly stick to the budget. A miracle!

And, so far, I'm pretty much getting what I want. I am indeed going to end up with a small, elegant brunch, mostly traditional with just a few unusual touches. Just what Rich and I wanted. And at what seems like an outrageous price, but is actually half the average cost in this area evidently. Yay me!
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Since I had Veterans' Day off from work, I took vacation on Friday and made arrangements to go see my mom for a long weekend. It's the first time I'll see her since the engagement.

I wanted her to see my dress, but unfortunately it's been discontinued and wasn't in any stores.

So imagine how happy I was to come home Wednesday night and discover the dress had arrived! So I took it all the way to Florida with me just so mom could see it. Couldn't have been timed it better if I tried.
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I obviously should not be the person to plan big events . I'm booking the second or third thing I see in every category (and so is Rich, for the ones I'm giving to him to do). Dress, reception site, DJ, and now photographer.

So. I told the *one* (yes, one) photographer I met with that I wanted to book her. She's an excellent price for the area, is just going on her own after working in a larger studio - so plenty of experience, does albums like I like, and I felt comfortable with her, so why meet with others?

I'm trying to decide how early I need her to show up. The consultant is recommending starting to get ready at 8, so I can be done at 10, and the pictures can be done before guests start arriving around 11:30. I guess 9 would be plenty early even for getting ready shots - it's not like I want pictures before I have ANY makeup on or my hair's still wet. But it still seems way to early for a noon wedding.

I'm still vacillating on the pictures before. I like Mom's theory, which is that the picture-taking is the entertainment during the cocktail hour. But Rich has no objection to taking them before, and I guess no one's going to miss seeing his first look at me. I don't remember ever looking at the groom at that moment - I'm too busy trying to see the bride myself. So pictures before might ensure getting more good ones. And while the flowers and makeup are still looking their best. And we'll be able to eat that much sooner (I know, the bride and groom never get to eat - I can hope).

And the last thing on the contract is any special requests I particularly want, that she wouldn't take as a matter of course (we can assume she'll take pictures of me with various close relatives, or the bridesmaids, or of the cake cutting, etc.). So far, I just have a picture of *everyone* (bridal party and guests both), and of the extended Fleming clan (over 30 people, you want to know about that in advance). I think everything else will be pretty standard. Other suggestions welcomed.
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Rich and I basically finished registering today. For the expensive, not strictly needed stuff that's more fun to get - crystal, new flatware, etc. So, any wedding guests reading this, we are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, and Fortunoff's, both of which are online. So please quit asking where we are registered (people were asking in August! we don't get married until April!).
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I forgot to mention, Rich and I both had Friday off, so we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and did the bulk of our registering. I think we got a decent price range of stuff, and not too many things (the guy said we should aim for 80-100, and we only got around 70 I think).

We still need to go to a department store for crystal and nicer appliances and maybe a piece of furniture, but most is at BB&B. Whew, one more thing done.


Sep. 3rd, 2004 07:05 pm
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We got an important part of the wedding plans nailed down: the honeymoon! We both wanted to take a full two-week vacation at least once in our lives, and Rich really wanted a cruise. So we booked this itinerary, on this ship, in a cabin like this (I know, so illuminating when you don't want to follow links. To summarize: western Caribbean/Central America, Celebrity Cruises Summit, deluxe room w/ veranda).

And now I'm repeatedly going to the site and drooling over the shore excursions. Which we definitely plan to actually do this time. I just keep changing my mind as to which ones I like.
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So, I went down to DC this weekend to see Andrea and Maria, and we found bridesmaid dresses. And they actually agreed on one, so I guess everyone will be identical after all, to my surprise (I was going to let everyone choose their own style from the same line, in the same color).

So, they're sage green, tank style, with a draped neckline. Very simple and elegant. I think they'll be usuable afterward if hemmed to a shorter length.

And, Andrea and I were able to visit a place with the dress I want for myself, and she also likes it. So I guess I'll be ordering that tonight.
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So it's only been . . . two months since my last post. I'm just not a journaler. But, considering the subject matter of that one, everyone can understand I've been busy lately.

And, I apologize in advance, but I imagine at least half the posts for the next 10 months will be wedding-related. Tune me out if you're not interested.

Yesterday I put down the deposit for the location, so at least the biggest thing is taken care of. And hiring a consultant has paid off - this place is normally $100/pp, but I'm paying $70. And because the owners actually know Rich's family, we got a bunch of free stuff thrown in. W00t!

Sadly, I looked at a whole three places before making this decision. I've heard of people going to 2 dozen. I'm either dumb or really lucky. But, Rich and I aren't good at real (non-internet) comparison shopping. When we bought our couch, we only went to one store. When we got our apartment, we only looked at two places. But we generally get pretty good deals on stuff - most people think our apartment is a steal for the area.

The plan is to get as much wedding planning as possible done in the next 6 weeks, before school starts. Because I don't want to deal with planning and school at the same time. I pointed this out to Rich last night when he said I was getting everything done pretty fast, and he clearly had forgotten about the school aspect.
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Rich has asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes!

And now I want them to hurry up and resize my ring so I can start showing it off. It's actually my great-mother's - Rich got it from my mother. It's from 1914, very Art Nouveau (lots of filigree).

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