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Jul. 26th, 2008 10:40 pm
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Hey, anyone else on LJ use the custom CSS option? Anyone else notice that they renamed almost every class and ID on the freakin' page a few days ago? I couldn't figure out why my style sheet was suddenly not working at all, until I opened up the source and really looked at it. So I spent a pretty large part of today figuring out how to make it look like it used to (actually, a little better, hopefully). And it wasn't as easy as renaming all the classes and IDs in the sheet - they reorganized some stuff, so it wasn't nested under the same things and ended up in a totally different part of the page.

Although, I'm actually pretty happy - now I evidently get to have an actual tag cloud instead of a simple list. Maybe I'll actually start tagging. Retro-tagging should keep me busy at work for a few days (it's really slow right now). And, all that tweaking definitely taught me a bit more CSS. I know a lot more about relative and absolute positioning, which I have avoided until now, preferring to let things flow.

Still, I find it amazing that I haven't seen more people remarking on the changes. I guess almost no one does their own CSS instead of just picking a theme. I wanted mine to match my web site, and it mostly does (apart from the sidebar having to have a solid background instead of sharing the gradient - saaaaayyyy, I should test out that possibility with the new changes).

ETA: Hah, what do you know, I can make the sidebar with the gradient! Actually, I think I could have before and just didn't realize it.


Jul. 7th, 2008 10:30 pm
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Lifehacker used my script. I got mentioned in a Lifehacker post. I feel famous! OK, in a little, weird corner of the internet, but still!
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If anyone here uses Gmail, and Firefox, I made a nice little tweak:

Gmail 2 fixed navigation

It makes the mailbox and labels list never scroll off the screen - very useful. If you have Stylish installed, it's written as a style. If you have Greasmonkey installed, you can also install it as a script.

I don't usually bother to post these little things I make, other than on the Geek page, but this one struck me as really nice to have, and with a pretty wide potential audience.
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I've been working on my web page(s) for the past few days, trying to clean up the markup ganked from someone else (with permission). Nothing like trying to understand and tweak existing code to improve your understanding of how HTML and style sheets work. I know SO much more about style sheets now.

So I've managed to eliminate all of the tables but one in the layout, make it look almost the same in Firefox and IE (though not quite), and add a few more live elements (via javascript) so there's always something different. I also managed to get virtually all the layout stuff in the style sheet, with only structural stuff in the HTML. There were just a few items that were exceptions to their classes. But now it's so much easier when I just want to change margins or whatever.

And all my various profiles on all the social sites are now interlinked. Now if I could just convince Google that this is the page that should show up before my profiles on userscripts.org, Amazon, and Google Co-op ....

I think it all looks pretty good.

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