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Feb. 28th, 2009 01:31 pm
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This morning at 11:30, I held my sweet little kitty in my arms as they put him to sleep. I'll miss him so much.

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The chemo was going relatively well (the vet said she could feel a size difference). Unfortunately, he stopped eating. At all. So, we put in a feeding tube. It's not like with people - he's not attached to a machine or anything - it's not last-ditch, like it is usually with humans. He's just got this really pathetic-looking collar which anchors the feeding tube that goes right into his trachea, and we can put food (and medicine!) straight into the tube.

So hopefully that can get us over the hump where the chemo makes him feel better enough to eat again. meanwhile, we don't have to wrestle him to give him medicine, which is a real selling point. Neither of us is talented in medicating cats. There's a knack.

I can't believe how much money we're spending, and yet I can't bring myself to say, "no we can't afford that". Good thing we paid off all the credit cards in January.
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Prospero has lost a lot of weight recently (2 pounds!), so Rich took him to the vet today. He said there might be some kind of lump in his abdomen. He's getting an ultrasound tomorrow.

I hope whatever it is can be taken care of really easily.

I'm trying real hard not to think about it so I don't break down at work. I need to be here for another 2 hours before I can go home. And my poor kitty won't even be there - he's at the vet's overnight.


Jul. 30th, 2007 05:45 pm
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My birthday is starting early this year - my first present has already arrived, from my father. He got it from an online auction, which explains why it is so early.

He got me a home theater system. I'm stunned. I can only imagine that he got an amazing deal on it (my father brings new meaning to the stereotype of the tight-fisted Scot - and if he read that statement, he would agree with great pride). It certainly looks like a fairly nice system, and what we've set up so far sound great (no rear speakers yet).

Rich is very excited about it, and spent the majority of his day off getting it set up and playing with it. Although he says if he turns into an audio geek and starts spending money on more equipment, he's totally blaming Dad.

The first movie we stuck in was the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It happens to have thunder in some of the opening scenes. The sound was realistic enough that the cats started looking around, and went to hide under the bed, as they do during actual thunderstorms. Much amusement for the humans.
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OK, for those of you who didn't know, Rich and I moved again. The old place was driving us insane (ti-ny!), and we had an opportunity for a great place at a great price and jumped on it. So now I'm living in Bronxville, making my commute a whole 2 minutes shorter. And, I have 2 bedrooms, and room to move around, not to mention all the furniture actually fits in the apartment.

Anyway. Yesterday we moved the last of the furniture over. There's stuff left over there (the old place), but it will all fit in our cars. We took over two van loads of stuff yesterday morning (in 95-degree heat, ugh), dropped off the rental van, and then I went to the new place, showered, dressed and showed up for work until 8 PM. It was a long day.

Then, to cap the day, we went over to pick up the cats. The fun part was, Eastchester was having a blackout. Now, just imagine trying to locate two cats (black and dark grey) in a dark apartment, and get them into cat carriers that they do not wish to go into. Thank goodness the carriers were already out, and it was not quite full dark (9:15).

And then, we get the poor things home, they're getting acclimated to an entire new universe as far as they're concerned (and which smells off, I'm sure, due to all the cleaning and new carpet), and there's a thunderstorm. Poor, traumatized creatures.

They seem to be happy with the new universe though.

Tonight, bringing over a few more boxes. And lamps. And my shoes, dammit. And reclaiming the TV stand we were going to leave behind, until we realized the bedroom arrangement put the TV nowhere near the cable outlet. And the freaking pillows we completely forgot about last night until it was bedtime.

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