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Last night we got the last of our stuff out of the old apartment. Yay! Rich and his mom insisted on cleaning the place, I was willing to leave it un-vacuumed and the bathroom uncleaned (it was not dirty, just not recently scrubbed) for the awful landlords, but they couldn't do it.

However, I still have to go by at least one more time because I stupidly forgot to update my mailing address when I ordered from Zappos. I'll go tomorrow. Tonight, I am actually going straight home to Bronxville for only the second or third time.

Tomorrow will be another frenzy of unpacking and organizing. Hopefully I'll be able to clear all the boxes out of the living room. Again.
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OK, for those of you who didn't know, Rich and I moved again. The old place was driving us insane (ti-ny!), and we had an opportunity for a great place at a great price and jumped on it. So now I'm living in Bronxville, making my commute a whole 2 minutes shorter. And, I have 2 bedrooms, and room to move around, not to mention all the furniture actually fits in the apartment.

Anyway. Yesterday we moved the last of the furniture over. There's stuff left over there (the old place), but it will all fit in our cars. We took over two van loads of stuff yesterday morning (in 95-degree heat, ugh), dropped off the rental van, and then I went to the new place, showered, dressed and showed up for work until 8 PM. It was a long day.

Then, to cap the day, we went over to pick up the cats. The fun part was, Eastchester was having a blackout. Now, just imagine trying to locate two cats (black and dark grey) in a dark apartment, and get them into cat carriers that they do not wish to go into. Thank goodness the carriers were already out, and it was not quite full dark (9:15).

And then, we get the poor things home, they're getting acclimated to an entire new universe as far as they're concerned (and which smells off, I'm sure, due to all the cleaning and new carpet), and there's a thunderstorm. Poor, traumatized creatures.

They seem to be happy with the new universe though.

Tonight, bringing over a few more boxes. And lamps. And my shoes, dammit. And reclaiming the TV stand we were going to leave behind, until we realized the bedroom arrangement put the TV nowhere near the cable outlet. And the freaking pillows we completely forgot about last night until it was bedtime.
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You've got to be impressed by what Rich can accomplish when he's motivated. He is so happy to be moving, and determined to be in there as soon as possible that today, on his DAY OFF, he went over there before 8 (astounding) to:

wait for the locksmith
wait for the cable guy
wait for Verizon
help his friend Brian paint the kitchen and living room ceiling (Brian is being paid, therefore Rich is just helping)

Friday, his other day off, is dedicated to waiting for the carpet guy, and helping his friend Curtis install the bathroom vanity, faucet, and 2 ceiling fans.

Think he's ready to get out of the current place?
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We are officially moving again! So excited to get away from the evil landlords and neighbors (the leaf blower at 7:30 this morning was the crowning touch - keep in mind I didn't have to wake up until 9). The new place is in Bronxville, and we got a really good deal on rent.

We're trying to make it as seamless as possible. So we're paying rent on two places for July, so we don't have to move everything in one day. We also are getting NEW accounts with Verizon, ConEd, and the cable company so it doesn't have to go OFF in the old place when it goes ON in the new place. The only downside is that means a new phone number.

Any other suggestions for smooth transitions are welcome.
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I am moved. I have trucked everything I own up two flights of stairs. My calves ache, my back aches, my arms ache. There are boxes of stuff randomly distributed all over my apartment, and I no longer have any chairs in my living room, only a couch.

Thankfully for my sanity, we locked the cats in the bedroom for most of yesterday, with the unintended (but highly appreciated) result that nothing got dumped on the bed to be cleaned up before I could collapse. Must keep that in mind for the next move.

As for the differences between the apartments, you can judge for yourself whether these are pros or cons:
living room half the size
2 closets instead of 4
more windows - normal sized ones, and at a normal height
the bedroom gets very very bright in the mornings - direct sun on the bed at some points (the cats say that's a pro!)
tub instead of stall shower
no dishwasher
smaller kitchen
"balcony" - read: fire escape

And for this, I get to pay the same rent, plus the cost of electric heat. Oh, boy.


Sep. 26th, 2005 02:04 pm
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So, if anyone in the NYC area has nothing to do Saturday, would you like to come help me move? Yes, move. Saturday. And I've known since all of last Thursday.

My landlord is selling my building. Evidently, the new owners applied for some kind of federal loan that is specifically for small rental properties. For small, read "4 apartmetns or less." There are 5 apartments in my building, and ours is the one that is supposed to be combined with another one. So basically the sale won't go through until we move out of this apartment.

Luckily, there is an empty apartment in the building. Unluckily, the living room is half the size and there are half as many closets as our place. But, we only have to move stuff up one flight of stairs, and
not really pack. We just have to throw out a ton of stuff.

Evidently graduating and getting married was not enough life stress for one year, I need to also have the joy of moving. I can't wait for 2006.
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so i call up mom just to chat, and wish her a happy 1st anniversary, and her news is . . . she's moving to Florida! Last I heard she was moving to Gloucester (Va). It's not happening right away, but it was a shocker.

But evidently, she and her husband went down for a business trip, and his arthritis was much better. His doctor agreed that could help. And his mother is there, so . . . .

I'm happy they seem so enthusiastic, but I was kinda looking forward to her living in an area where I could combine visits to her and my father(s). But now I can combine visiting her with visiting Orlando, so it's a pretty good trade-off.

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