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Sep. 25th, 2008 03:56 pm
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I've been thinking of getting a second tattoo for quite some time. What I've been fixated on for the past year and a half (yes, I put a lot of thought into tattoos, logically enough) is a sequence of alchemy symbols. I like how the symbols look, they're unusual (I can find about 6 alchemy-based tattoos on the internet, and I have to explain what the symbols are to everyone I show them to), and I like the metaphysical meanings that are assigned to the chemical substances.

I recently had someone redraw all the symbols so they were a similar style, and less blocky than the originals I had. Obviously, that's the image on the right. From top to bottom: antimony, silver, sulfur, mercury, projection, quintessence (with an hourglass inside).

Originally, I had intended to get them running down my spine from nape to above my bra strap. Recently, I've been thinking about getting them smaller, on the inside of my forearm, so I could actually see it.

So I'm taking an opinion survey: what do you think of the tattoo? Back or forearm? I'm pretty sure they'd have to be blackwork - someday I'm going to get something in color, though.

ETA: The metaphysical meanings of the symbols would be: wild spirit of nature in man, feminine body, spirit, the intellect & transcendence over struggle, combined, quintessence of Timepiece
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I got home to find a package waiting, which I assumed was for my birthday. And it contained jewelry! But not any indication of who sent it. And it wasn't sent from a store, but from a woman in California.

Sooooo, do I try looking up this woman's number? Ask everyone I know if they sent me a sapphire ring for my birthday? Wait for someone to ask if I got my present?
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Most of my shopping is done, but I have 3 remaining. In an emergency, I can get my brothers gift cards, but I prefer actual presents. So, what can I get for:

1) a recent college grad working in the DC area (younger brother)

2) a guy in his late 20s with a new baby (middle brother)

3) a very active woman close to 90 years old with an entire house filled with stuff (grandmother)

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I may not have mentioned that I bought a tablet computer - mostly because it had major problems. Finally sent it to tech support (again) this week after thoroughly discussing problem over phone. The message on my answering machine today indicates they agree with my assessment:

I received your tablet and checked it out and the problem is ... bizarre.

OK, then, I see it's doing the same thing for them that it was for me. Good. But I'm still amused that the official diagnosis was "bizarre."
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I have now become obsessed by putting together the wedding album. I'm going to make one of those coffee table books with (OK, technically, I already made one, but I'm improving it for round 2). So here's a thumbnail shot of the whole thing, any input?

Large screenshot )
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I got a call today about a library job in Newport News, Virginia that I applied for. They want me to come down and interview. I'm going to have to ask my husband how he really feels about moving there.

Now, I generally suck at interviews, because it doesn't occur to me to practice. What kind of questions do I need to have answers ready for?
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So, anybody in the NYC area with an MLS want to lend me a cap and gown (and hood)? I'd prefer not to shell out $50 if I don't have to.
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I have a final exam tomorrow. Please tell me something that will make me sit down and study. I have serious senioritis. So far, I have failed to study on Friday (day off), and only managed to read 1 1/2 chapters on Sunday.

Plus, I (yet again) did not do much of the reading over the semester, so I'm having to do it all now. On the bright side, this means it will all be fresh in my mind come test-time. This worked beautifully for the midterm. This guy's tests are all on the reading, almost nothing on the lecture (which sucks, as I am one of those lucky auditory learners).


Jul. 1st, 2003 07:08 pm
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First of all, yes, I have recently made an informal resolution to actually post in my journal. Mostly because I've become abysmally bad at replying to email and now I can update eveyone simultaneously. Anyway.

I think I've discovered the most effective weight-loss plan ever. Cheating is literally not possible. Go get your tongue pierced.

I think I've lost 3 pounds already. it's hard to tell, i have a digital scale and it's touchy. But, I don't think I've had anything more filling than scrambled eggs since Friday.

It helps that the idea of an infection freaks me out, so I'm not having milkshakes cause they told me to avoid dairy.

And it can't possibly be water loss because i'm chugging ice water enough to send me to the bathroom about once an hour.

So, I'm happy about losing some weight, but really, really hungry. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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