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Looks like Mark Morford is actually a silver lining kind of guy (who knew?):
To be honest, there really are some genuine upsides of a recession. We use less. We become more aware. We drive less, walk more, produce less crap we don't actually need, churn out fewer pollutants, become highly attuned to waste and excess, dial into opportunity, travel locally, skip vacuous trends, become less fickle, appreciate bargain wines, breathe cleaner air, save, appreciate, savor.

It actually is a good way of looking at things. A little more reassuring than total panic, a little more calming than "everything is going down the tubes!" No, we're just learning to be frugal (which does not mean cheap; it simply means avoiding waste - using the whole cow and so forth), to be efficient, to appreciate alternatives. And that's actually a good thing for society as a whole. Like the new appreciation for alternative energy sources, for better gas mileage, for staying home instead of traveling, etc. I guess we have to have a cycle like this at least once a lifetime, so the lessons don't get completely forgotten.
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So. Several things.

My mp3 player came. Very, very nice. Fun to play with. Missing a couple of features from the Karma, but also adding a few it didn't have.

Rich is back from his long weekend in Iceland, very happy to have met all his game buddies in person. Evidently the in-jokes will last for months.

I finally decided to take in the humongous container of change that's been sitting around for years. Anyone want to hazard a guess how much was in there? $282. I couldn't believe it. So, essentially got my new toy for free, if you want to look at it that way.

Lastly, Rich got back the results from the firefighter's exam, which he was convinced he had blown (such a pessimist - I knew he'd done fine). He scored 95% - I don't know if that's a raw score or a percentile. And he's 12th on the list of people to hire, so very good chance he'll get an offer soon. Hopefully.

Pretty good week, huh?

work first

Mar. 23rd, 2006 12:26 pm
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I just helped someone out with a reference question, and she tried to tip me! I said I couldn't take it (I shouldn't take it, right?).

Who tips a librarian?
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It's payday, and my six-month raise went through! I am finally making more than I did at my last job. W00t!

work news!

Jul. 15th, 2005 11:25 pm
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My promotion has officially gone through! I am a full Librarian, and I got a $4K raise.

Now if they'll just move me to my new branch ASAP.
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So, the planner says I'm on track for most of the wedding stuff that should be done by now. Except for the stuff I put Rich in charge of (natch).

So we have a dress, a location/caterer, a photographer, a videographer (yes, I changed my mind), bridesmaid dresses, a florist, a DJ, invitations, favors, and 2 (!) officiants. The only things we're lacking is the bagpiper and the kilts (and yes, I am nagging Rich about that - and no, I'm not going to do it myself, I did everything else, he can manage this. In his defense, he has made some calls, just not booked. And he did do the DJ on his own).

I feel mostly relieved that I've gotten the major stuff done. I'll probably end up just a little over budget, mostly because of stuff I didn't even budget for (video). But not by much. But, I did mostly stick to the budget. A miracle!

And, so far, I'm pretty much getting what I want. I am indeed going to end up with a small, elegant brunch, mostly traditional with just a few unusual touches. Just what Rich and I wanted. And at what seems like an outrageous price, but is actually half the average cost in this area evidently. Yay me!
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I got a call from Citibank Friday morning, from the fraud dept about suspicious activity. I figured it was just the $600 tuition bill that just went through, since most of my purchases are less than three digits.


Three separate internet purchases of around $200, none of which are mine. So they placed a stop on my card. And once I spoke to them, they canceled it and are sending me a new one.

But wait, that isn't the best part - they did this (the stop) BEFORE my tuition went through. So now the school says they might have to cancel my registration, because it wasn't paid on time. And for some reason, I can't get a PERSON in the bursar's office.

And meanwhile, I have no credit card. Ugh.

I can only hope this won't do anything to my credit. This is the second time I've had to cancel a card because someone was using it. Granted, the first time was 8 years ago and they actually had physical possession of the card, but how can this happen twice?
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Don't we all just love the possibilities of the internet?

It seems someone is making $200 charges on my credit card over the internet. 3 in the past couple of days. So I had to talk to Citibank to have two of my own charges go through yesterday, since they had blocked it. And when i got home I had to cancel the card and they'll send me a new one. So I have no credit card for the next week or so (I only had one). Fun, fun, fun.

Interestingly, I even got an email from Amazon, indicating that someone had tried to open a new account using the same card number as mine, so they denied the account and wrote me. nice to know they check such things.

On the bright side, one of things I charged yesterday was a new summer wardrobe. OK, maybe not a whole wardrobe, but a few summer things to add to what i have. Two long skirts, white tank, 1 turquoise and 1 black linen/cotton camp shirts. Oh, and a summer purse. It took a while to find stuff I liked. All the cute patterns only came in capris, which I hate, and the skirts I could find were all short. I like long, so i don't have to shave as much. And the "summer colors" were all garishly bright - there was nothing toned down at all. I'm not really a screaming bright color person. And my boss insists on "professional" dress, which means no tanks (bare shoulders are a no-no). Not to mention most tanks are useless for me anyway, because they have thin little straps and you can't wear a bra with them. Frankly, not an option for me.

I think to round out the wardrobe, i need to swing by Land's End. Yes, it's kind of dowdy, but I know I can find a long khaki skirt there, and shirts that come in a size larger than 10, and tank tops that will cover my bra straps.

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